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Squidoo & the Micro Celebrity

From the looks of the new ebook and blog, it sounds like Seth Godin's startup venture may fill an important gap emerging in social search. The noise of online content has given rise to a number of search applications, from Jeteye to Yahoo!'s My Web 2.0 and Google's Personal Homepage. These services combine the power of social bookmarks and overlapping communities of interest with recommender engines to provide consumers with filters that condense search results into trusted packets of consumer generated media. What's missing from these applications is an efficient mechanism that establishes credibility, while at the same time monetizing the work required to sustain the stream of information associated with particular issues, products or services.

That's where the Godin's "Lensmaster" comes in. From what I can gather from pre-release information, Squidoo will provide individuals who are passionate about their niche interest with a platform that amplifies their perspectives, augments existing blog or website content, and helps connect information seekers with trusted opinion. The lensmaster, or what Chris Anderson refers to as "micro celebrity," provides a powerful filtering devise that cuts through the cacophony of online content. Anderson says it well, "In the future, brands are going to be people—the people you trust, the filters you trust. Some of them will be celebrities, and some of them will be micro celebrities—famous to just 15 people. And some of these brands will be the social networks you trust because they advise you well." The nature of search enables micro celebrities to command attention among niche communities of interest. From an economic perspective, the aggregation of niche demand makes the micro celebrity a catalyst for word of mouth marketing, as well as revenues based on promotions and sales.

For Godin, the future seems to be now. Squidoo may help empower the micro celebrity, or lensmaster, while brokering a revenue distribution that keeps the micro celebrity in business. Oh, did I mention part of the revenue split goes to charitable causes?   


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